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Toshiba Introduces Qosmio X500 Laptop with Intel Core I7

Toshiba has announced a new gaming notebook. Of course, the market for gaming notebooks isn’t really that big, but Toshiba thought they should expand their offer of gaming laptops with the Qosmio X500. This model has one of the strongest processors of the moment, Intels new mobile Core I7 CPU. The Japanese manufacturer combines with super strong processor with the Nvideo Geforce GTS 250M. A video card that should provide the user with great graphics. The new Qosmio is going to get the latest Core I7-720QM processor that does its works at a speed of 1.6GHz, while the Turbo Boost, that the little machine also offers, can push the processor to its maximum and give one core a speed of 2.8GHz. The Toshiba also has some more impressive specifications. The notebook has 8BG of ddr3 memory and two hard drives that both have a capacity of 500GB. Inside the notebook there is also room for an SSD of 64GB. The GTS 250M of Nvidea can use 1GB of memory.

The is big enough to let the laptop serve as a desktop replacement because it’s 18.4 inch and it has a resolution of 1920x1080p. This gives the machine the possibility of showing graphics in Full High Definition. You could even use a blu-ray disk because Toshiba has provided their ultimate machine with a 6x bd-re-drive.

The notebook also support more standard features like wireless communication though wifi-n and bluetooth 2.1. It also has a 5 in 1 card reader, three USB ports of the type ‘sleep and charge”, while the USB interface is being shared with esata. The speakers are from the manufacturer Harman Kardon, the webcam can be used for facial recognition and the touchpad is also supporting multi touch. It’s still not clear what this machine is going to weigh.

When I read all these great specifications, there are two things I think about. How much is this thing going to weigh, can we even carry it around without needing a forklift? Unfortunately, this news isn’t out yet. It can’t be positive, because you can’t tell me that they haven’t examined this yet, before they started to design this product. The second thing that pops up in my head is: how long will the battery last? Do we need an extra long cord because it almost needs 24/7 recharging? I don’t want to know how many power all these magnificent components need! Well, we’ll have to see if this laptop is going to be a success. For now, I don’t see anyone sitting the train, playing the latest game on his laptop that’s resting on a small forklift he barely got through the train doors.

Honestly when looking at the X500 laptop from the past it reminds us of the ASUS Rog Zephyrus GX501 that has been newly released, which is really blowing people away.